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Canvas for a Cause: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Canvas for a Cause: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Trigger warning: This blog post mentions talk of domestic violence. This post is a bit more serious than what I normally write on our blog, but I'm using the month of October to raise awareness for domestic violence. 

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I wanted to create a canvas to raise awareness and money for this month and an organization that is close to my heart: CASA (Community Action Stops Here) in St. Petersburg. 

Statistics say that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will experience some sort of physical action from a partner at least once in their lifetime. Given this statistic, I'm sure we all know of someone who has been through something similar in their lifetime. It's often taboo and shameful to talk about, however, it is way more common than people think. It's important that we believe survivors and support them in any way that we can (and give them a voice if needed). 

About CASA:

CASA is a 501c3 non-profit organization based out of St. Petersburg, Florida in Pinellas County that helps to fight against domestic violence and support victims. They have a 24-hour emergency hotline and emergency shelter, housing for victims, support groups, legal help, community outreach events, and much more. 

CASA has been a huge help to me during my transition down to Florida and I speak from the heart when I say they are a wonderful organization that is truly doing so much to try to end domestic violence and support victims and survivors. 

I wanted to create a canvas for auction with 100% of the proceeds benefiting CASA. Now through October 14th, every donation to CASA will be doubled by generous partners. They have a goal to raise $15,000 and I would love it if we could help them hit that goal. 

About the Canvas 

If you follow me on my personal Instagram, you may have seen me painting this canvas over the last few weeks. I was inspired by Baccarat's Lead Crystal Butterfly (this is an affiliate link).

I decided to create a design of a butterfly because in my eyes, butterflies represent a feeling of growth and transformation (similar to how I feel about my move to Florida). I chose to use a rainbow/colorful palette to denote happiness despite hard times. 

I painted this design on 13-mesh and the total size of the design is approximately 12" inches wide by 10.75" inches tall. This is a one-off canvas; I will not be making another version this large. I envision it finished as a tray, pillow, or even sewn into the back of a jean jacket but it could be finished into anything! 

About the Auction

This canvas will be available for auction on our website under the listing starting at noon EST on Friday, October 1st. The starting bid will be at $150 and each incremental bid will be $10. The auction will go for a week and close at noon EST on Friday, October 8th. 100% of the proceeds will go towards CASA and will be matched by their sponsors. Because this is a one-off canvas, I'm hoping we can raise as much money as possible. 

If you're not interested in the canvas but would love to support CASA, it would mean the world to me if you were able to leave a donation for them in my name. 

If you have any questions about this auction or how it will work, please email me at 

Moving Forward

Lastly, I created an ornament-sized version of this canvas that will be released in early 2022. A portion of each canvas sale will be donated to CASA when it is released. I wanted to have a canvas available on my website that could be available to everyone and can still raise money. 

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