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July NDPLT Club: Americana

July NDPLT Club: Americana

I am thrilled to be co-hosting this month's @ndlptclub theme! For those of you who aren't familiar, Hook & Harbor started a virtual stitching club on Instagram to connect stitchers through different monthly themes. Each month a different artist will co-host and pick that month's theme! 

What is this month's theme?

With the timing of the 4th of July & our collection of Americana canvases, we decided on the theme of Americana for July! The theme can be interpreted however you would like. If you'd like to stitch a canvas with an American Flag on it, or just a canvas that reminds you of America or being an American.

You are more than welcome to interpret the theme however you would like, whether that means stitching a canvas with an American flag, a location in America, or a canvas that reminds you of what it is like to be an American. The world/stitch club theme is your oyster! (Also for my international friends, you're more than welcome to stitch along and interpret the theme however you'd like!) 

How does the club work?

We encourage stitchers to pick up a canvas for their stash or support artists by purchasing canvases within that theme, whatever works for you! Throughout the month, we encourage you to stitch canvases within that theme. There aren't any rules, we just want it to be a place where you can connect and have fun!

Then, we encourage stitchers to share their progress on Instagram stories and posts by tagging @NdlptClub, @MorganJuliaDesigns, and @HookandHarborCo. We will repost your work on our stories! It's a great way to connect with other stitchers, learn new stitches, and work through your stash. 

What Americana canvases would you suggest?

American Yacht Ensign

I will be stitching this for July's theme! The bottom photo is from @jcb_stitches and I love her idea of taking a lollipop stick and having the canvas finished onto it! We have it available as a canvas as well as a kit.


American Sails

This was one of my very first canvas designs so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I finished mine as a patch onto a LL Bean Boat & Tote but I love how @MaisPremierPoint displayed hers on a wreath along with other patriotic, nautical canvases. We have this available as a canvas as well as a kit! 


American Lighthouse

I absolutely love our American Lighthouse canvas! This finish by @the_grandmillennial is genius, she had our canvas finished to fit into a wicker napkin holder! We have this available as a canvas as well as a kit. 


Picnic Boat

For all you boat lovers, Picnic Boat is the perfect summer stitch! I love how @coastal_needlepoint stitched and finished hers into a stand up. I love that red, white, and blue cording. We have this available as a canvas as well as a kit


Christmas Tree Delivery

Christmas Tree Delivery is similar to our Picnic Boat Canvas, but with a tree on top! I am obsessed with this finish by @JalNeedlepoint, that fabric is everything. If you're looking for a Christmas in July vibe, this is the canvas for you! We have it available as an individual canvas


Wooden Boat

One of our latest designs is our Wooden Boat! It is one of our first canvases that we released with a stitch guide by Jinny from @StitchStyleBlog. Since it's so new we don't have a finished photo yet, but I'm going to frame mine next to a vintage Chris Craft Burgee that I have framed! We have this available as a canvas and a kit, both come with a stitch guide. 


Americana Canvas Bundle

If you're looking to go all out this month, the Americana bundle is for you! You receive a discount by purchasing these 4 canvases together. I think these would be great framed all next to each other. @BlumeandWillow stitched 2 of these canvases along with 2 from our Seafood collection and I absolutely love the color changes. We are sold out of our American Flag Sweater individual canvas, but if you're interested in getting one we have a few left available in this set! 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at! We hope you take part in this month's Ndlpt club and we cannot wait to see how you interpret the Americana theme!  

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