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Charts for Charity 2021

Charts for Charity 2021
We're so excited to be doing another round of #ChartsforCharity this year!  You may have seen a few launch on Instagram over the last few days, so I wanted to give a little insight into what specifically this campaign is for and link all of the artists charts in one place! We also recommend following the #ChartsForCharity hashtag on Instagram to be informed when new ones launch. 
If you have created a Chart for Charity and would like to be included in our blog post, please email me at and I will add you! 


What is Charts for Charity?

  • A few weeks ago, a few artists got together over Instagram DM and threw out the idea of launching a winter themed chart for a lower price point with all of the money going to a charity of the artist's choice. We loved the idea so we all started to design our charts and pick our charities.  
  • Over the next few days, you'll see different charts launch on Instagram from all different artists. We also encourage other artists to join in (and even stitchers!) to sell charted designs for charity. 
  • Some charts will be removed on January 1st, 2022 so we suggest purchasing now if you are interested! 

Why did you decide to use charts?

  • There's a few advantages to using charts that we wanted to share: 
  • It provides a needlepoint design to customers at a lower price point
  • It's a quick way for us to get a design out to you (& more sustainable than shipping and packaging)
  • It's world-wide; you don't have to worry about shipping costs! 
  • Charted designs are popular in other parts of the world (and very popular for cross-stitch) so we wanted to bring some awareness to charted designs in hopes that they may stick around in the U.S.! 

Where do I get supplies?

  • The main supplies you need are blank needlepoint canvas and fibers! Most LNS will sell blank canvas, so we recommend supporting them if possible. 
  • Feel free to use fibers from your stash at home! These charts are great stash busters. 

How do I stitch from a chart?

  • On our chart, each block/box stands for one canvas intersection. You can count the number of blocks on the chart and then stitch that same number of intersections in the layout that is provided on the chart.
  • It's a bit tricky to explain so for a visual, head to our IGTV where we talk you through it. 
  • Side note: if you print the char out, it will not be to scale. 
  • Feel free to email us at with any questions!


Artists that are Participating 

Morgan of Morgan Julia Designs - "Shot Ski"



Jenny of Jenny Henry Designs - "Pagoda Snow Globe"


Sara of SCT Designs - "Holiday Dove

  • “This year’s charts for charity ornament is a digital download available for a $25 DONATION. 100% of proceeds from this chart will be donated to Amethyst Place, an organization dedicated to providing housing, employment and transformational support to women (and their children) in recovery. Most SCT wholesale canvases and special kits are packaged and shipped by dedicated women from Amethyst Place who are integral to helping our business run. This year we’d like to help give back to them and their families. Life is hard, let’s help make it a little easier for those around us whenever we can. This chart will be available for download until January 1, 2022 when proceeds will be gathered and shared with our community partner. Thank you for your donation!
  • Recommended DMC colors for stitching the SCT Holiday Dove Chart: White, Green (910) Red (321), Light Blue (800), Medium Blue (322), Navy (336)”
  • It is available to purchase here on her website. 


  • "The charity I'll be donating to is the National Forest Foundation, which works to lead forest conservation efforts, while promoting responsible recreation of the National Forests. The chart is $15, and will include fiber recommendations." 
  • It can be purchased here on 


 Emily of EG Stitches - "Christmas Martini"

  •  I chose to support Feeding America to help feed families over this holiday season. Feeding America is an incredibly effective charity- 96% of all donation dollars go straight to buying food for families in need. 
  • The chart is available for $10 and 100% of those proceeds will be donated to Feeding America. It is available to purchase on her Etsy store at this link. 



 Clare of Oz Needle and Thread - "Earth Ornament"


Claire of Grandin Lane Needlepoint - "Rachel's Thanksgiving Trifle"

  • The charity I chose to support this year is the Nashville Rescue Mission, an organization in my home city of Nashville, TN that is committed to helping the hungry, homeless, and hurting by providing programs and services that focus on a person’s entire life—physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social. 
  • In keeping with the holiday season, my chart is inspired by my favorite Thanksgiving episode of the show "Friends", where Rachel mixes up the recipe for her English trifle with a shepherd's pie. On 18 mesh, this design is roughly 3.27" tall and 2.5" wide. It is available for purchase on the Grandin Lane Needlepoint Instagram.


Lucy of Mopsey Designs - "Peace" chart

  • The charity Lucy will be supporting is SAGE: Advocacy and Services for LGBT elders. "SAGE is more than just an organization. It’s a movement of loving, caring activists dedicated to providing advocacy, services, and support to older members of the LGBT community. LGBT elders fought— and still fight—for our rights. And we will never stop fighting for theirs." More information can be found on their website:
  • The chart is available for digital download on for $15 and includes information about SAGE, tips for charting your design and fiber recommendations. 

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  • Dec 02, 2021


    I’d love to add my charts for charity to the list! Thanks for collecting all of them!

    Donation Link:

    - For my 2021 #ChartsforCharity I’m supporting the environmental conservation efforts of the Rainforest Trust ( ). We need to do everything possible to protect our planet as climate change continues to cause havoc on a daily basis. Please join me in supporting this great organization that helps to do just that.
    - The chart is available for $10 (link above) and all proceeds will be collected through the end of the year and Victoria will match the donation on Jan 1st.

    — Victoria Caruso

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