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Stitching in the Sky: Tips for Traveling with Needlepoint

Stitching in the Sky: Tips for Traveling with Needlepoint

Planning to stitch on your next flight? Here are some quick tips and MJD products that make stitching in flight a breeze!


Keep it Small: When it comes to traveling, smaller projects are your best friend. They're easier to pack in a carry-on and more comfortable to stitch on a plane. Try our Summer House canvas for a perfectly portable and in-season option!

Precious Cargo: Protecting your project is key when you're on the go. Pack your supplies in a project bag that keeps everything together and safe from unexpected mishaps. The Hamptons Print Project Bag is made from Tyvek, which means it's tear, puncture, water, UV, and chemical-resistant - perfect for your entire trip!

Scissor Savvy: TSA scissors need to be under 4 inches from the pivot point. Pop them in a secure case, and don't forget to double-check international rules if heading out of the US! All MJD scissors meet TSA guidelines, so you can snip away stress-free.

A Clear Winner: Packing your essential supplies in a clear holder, like our Sea-Through Pouch, is super helpful when going through security. It keeps everything visible and organized, making the whole process smoother. Our Needlepoint Essentials Bag with Accessories is another great option!


Neelepoint Storage Bag | Sea-Through Pouch with Accessories | Captain's Clippers | The Hamptons Print Project Bag | Hydrangea Haven Acrylic Needle Threader | Bee's Knees Scissors | Gold Bamboo Embroidery Scissors | Sea-Through Pouch

Happy Travels!

XO, Morgan

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