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Needlepoint Plaid Stitch

Needlepoint Plaid Stitch

Tis the season for plaid! I was OBSESSED when I saw this plaid stitch border on our Christmas Bar Cart by @DaneLikeGreateDane_ on Instagram.  


I went ahead and created a similar chart for you all to follow - feel free to use it on your projects, save it to Pinterest, and tag me in your work on Instagram (I'd love to see!) 

If you're looking for other plaid needlepoint patterns, I just bought this book on Amazon that I can't wait to dive into (click on buy it used - it's much cheaper!) If you like Dane's border above, she suggests the book Needlepoint: A Modern Stitch Directory - she used one of the plaid stitches from the book and just cut the stitch in half!  


Both charts are for the same stitch - they just show them in a different layout. Below is how it looks stitched!



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Happy Holidays! 

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