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Sketchbook Series: Volume 1

Sketchbook Series: Volume 1

In high school, I took as many art classes as I could fit into my schedule. I created a love for clay, specifically throwing on the wheel and sculpting, thanks to a wonderful teacher named Ms. Stone

Each week, our homework assignment consisted of an artist study along with 3 sketchbook pages of anything of our choice. We could create collages, write stories, paint, draw, truly anything that we wanted. Our goal was to just get creative push ourselves, and create a daily practice. I still have all of my high school sketchbooks and look at it from time to time. 

Now that I've taken up needlepoint and tend to only paint canvases and stitch, I found myself a bit rusty when it came to sketching. While I was being creative everyday with stitching and painting, I wasn't exploring other mediums. I found myself missing the "3 sketchbook page weekly assignment" since it brought structured creative time. But then I thought that I was being silly... who's to say that I can't create 3 pages weekly - even though I'm not in school anymore?

So, that's what I'm doing. I'm challenging myself to create at least 3 pages weekly in some form of a sketchbook, whether that be digital or physical. I'll share them with you on the blog, maybe monthly, to let you take a peek into my creative process. I'm hoping that this can give you a glimpse of how I create behind the scenes (and maybe some sneak peeks of canvases to come). 

I'll be creating a color palette for each sketchbook series that I share. I'll try to color match the palette to threads so that if you like these colors, you can stitch with them too!


This week, I'm dreaming of New England travels: early mornings spent clamming, days spent on the water, and evenings filled with clam bakes. There's nothing I love more than that blue-green water. These two photos are inspiration from my Pinterest.


Color Palette & Thread Matching (from left to right)

All Vineyard Silk. These colors may not be perfect matches, but they're as close as I can match!

  • C-181 Vibrant Blush
  • C-026 Nectarine
  • C-119 Citrus
  • C-208 Wellesley Whistle
  • C-205 Nautical
  • C-203 North Sea Green

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  • Jul 09, 2020

    Hi…I love the “Slow No Wake”. I would love this to do for my sister and brother in law. It is a wonderful family memory for them and my daughter! To long to explain, but when I saw it I was dying to stitch for them all!! PLEASE add this to your beautiful work!!
    I am planning to purchase the Cabana Boy Needed for my best friend!! ❤️ Kelly

    — Kelly Davis

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