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Needlepoint Projects Completed in 2019

Needlepoint Projects Completed in 2019's crazy to me that 2019 is almost over. This year will always hold a special place in my heart because it's the year that I launched Morgan Julia Designs! 

I thought it would be fun to make a post sharing all of the needlepoint projects I stitched & finished in 2019. I hope to continue to do this every year as a way to remember projects! 

To be honest, I did not do a ton of stitching in 2019 and I'm not sure how much I'll get done in 2020. I thought running a needlepoint business would mean plenty of time for stitching...but no, that's wrong haha! I have been trying to have a better work-life balance so a lot of my stitching gets done on weekends & trips. 

With that being said, let's get in to everything I stitched in 2019! I will try to link every canvas under the name. 

Finished Projects

Captain's Dog Collar

I don't have a finished picture since he's so fluffy that you can't even see it on him haha - but still one of my favorites! 


Elephant Ornament

My gift to @JessicaTongelDesigns - we were paired together for the Stitch Club Ornament Exchange and we both formed an amazing friendship. She even stitched & designed a canvas for me!


Aspiring Dog Mom Pillow

It seems that 2019 was the year of stitching for Captain! For my birthday we went to Palm Beach. We stopped by Lycette where I got this gorgeous canvas. It is one of my favorite pillows!


Rosé Service

This was one of the first canvases that I ever designed (and my very first canvas that I had finished from my designs). I'm currently awaiting a frame stand so that it can sit on my bar cart! I ordered the frame through Framebridge - and if you want to do so as well here's 15% off! 

Nautical Key Fob

I bought my first car this year (!!!) so of course I had to stitch a key fob to celebrate! I love the subtle 2-toned sail flag monogram. 


Boyfriend Belt

For my boyfriend's birthday, I surprised him with his first boyfriend belt! This one is a bit personal to us but I shared a few of my favorite motifs. He sadly lost his childhood dog this year so I stitched him on the belt and added his favorite blue ball that he always played with. I also stitched Captain & an "M" sail flag so he can't get rid of me haha!


Veuve Clutch

Another canvas that was a gift from my boyfriend on Valentine's Day! Can you tell he may enable my canvas problem? I am beyond thrilled with him this Thorn Alexander Canvas turned out as a clutch.


Diet Coke

I designed & stitched this canvas for my mom for her birthday! As a thank you to my wonderful followers & customers, I actually created a free template so you can stitch this canvas yourself. Pro tip: save that blog to your Pinterest so you can always refer back to it!


Conch Shell

I pulled this finish out in one of the last weekends of 2019! This is my conch shell canvas that I designed after one of my favorite vacation destination - Turks and Caicos! I can't wait to book a trip back to visit The Conch Shack and have some of their iconic rum punch. 


Stitched Projects (that are currently at the finishers!)

I apologize in advance - these photos aren't amazing. I hardly take photos of my stitched pieces before they are finished so a lot of these were taken from my Instagram story. 


Topo Mineral Water

I'm having this one finished as an ornament! After seeing all of your stitches on my Instagram - I really want to re-stitch another with more creative stitches & thread!


American Flag Sweater

This guy is at the finisher with my Topo being made into an ornament. I would also love to re-stitch this and frame it next to an American Sails canvas! 


Spoiled Right

This is a saying my boyfriend have said back & forth to each other for years. I was thrilled to put it on a canvas and stitch it. This is currently at the finishers being turned into a pillow. I told my finisher to make it "over the top but not too over the top" so I cannot wait to see how it turns out.


Gone Tanning

This canvas is by & from Lycette Designs. I did a blog post sharing how I designed custom fabric for the back of the clutch. 


Out of Office

This canvas will be launching in a few weeks! I'm having it finished into a clutch for my vacations. I finished stitching this over Thanksgiving weekend and can't wait to take it on my travels.


Sleeping Mask 

Again I apologize for the low photo quality. This will be finished into a sleeping mask and will be for sale in a few weeks! I can't wait to wear this & drink bellinis in bed with this on my head. 


Monogram Bag

I decided to stitch myself a "MJ" interlocking monogram for my bag. This is at the finishers being sewn onto a rattan round bag so I cannot wait to wear it around this summer. Funny story - I forgot to tell the finisher that it was an "MJ" and they thought it was a "WR" so it was finished upside down! They're currently fixing it (and I thought it was hilarious) but it makes for a great story. 


So, 16 finishes in 2019 wasn't too shabby! I am excited to see how many projects next year brings. If you have a favorite finish from this blog, let me know in the comments below! 

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