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Studio Sale

Studio Sale

We're having a studio sale this Thursday at 7pm EST! 

Sometimes we come across items of ours that were damaged in transit. These are typically minor flaws but we don't feel comfortable selling something like these at full price. Our studio sales gives you a chance to buy these flawed items for a discount - and it helps us by reducing waste! Unfortunately we cannot accept any returns, refunds, or exchanges on these items. 

    At the end of this blog, we'll post some photos of what flaws you can expect on each item. Here's what will be available:


    • Gold Bamboo Scissors & Ginger Jar Needle Minders ($15)
    • Gold Bamboo Scissors & Oyster Needle Minders ($15)

    Individual Items

    • Stitch Bags ($20)
    • Oyster Needle Minders ($8)
    • Ginger Jar Needle Miners ($8)
    • Budapest Hotel Needle Threaders ($9)



    Scissor flaw examples: discoloring, scratches, and minor cosmetic issues on the blades and/or handles.


    Bag flaw examples: minor stains, printing errors, and small runs in the fabric.

    Needle minder flaw examples:  chips in the enamel, small paint imperfections, excess enamel. Please note some needle minders will not come on the card shown above.

     Needle threader flaw examples: excess paint, scratches.


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram @MorganJuliaDesigns or email us! The studio sale will launch at 7pm EST on June 25th!

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