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Christmas Cookies Launch!

Christmas Cookies Launch!

Our most anticipated launch of the year is arriving tomorrow...Christmas Cookies are here! We're so excited to launch these canvases & kits, and many more, on Tuesday, June 15th, at 7pm EST! Come read what's launching/restocking:

Stitch Guides

We're bringing you a new product offering: stitch guides! We've partnered with the talented Jinny Barney behind Stitch Style Blog to create guides for some of our upcoming canvases. The stitch guide will be included in the price and purchase of the canvas. You will receive a PDF guide via email after your purchase! 

For those unfamiliar with stitch guides, we'll give you a quick run-down. Our stitch guides will include a photo of the finished canvas, a fiber list of recommended fiber color, types, and quantities, a stitch guide key with numbered areas to reference, recommendations for stitches for specific areas, and diagrams of each recommended stitch. Stitch guides are a great way to learn new stitches. They can help really enhance and add definition to a canvas. They're also great for beginner stitchers who may want to follow detailed instructions, but also great for experienced stitchers who are looking to expand the types of stitches they use! We truly believe stitch guides are great for all levels of stitchers and we encourage you to use as much or as little as you would like from these guides! 


New Products that We're Launching:

Christmas Cookies Canvas + Stitch Guide 

One of my favorite canvases I've ever designed: Christmas Cookies! This canvas is on 18 mesh. The design size is approximately 3" wide by 4.25" tall on a 9.5"x9.5" canvas. This canvas price (including stitch guide) is $73. 


Chris Craft Canvas + Stitch Guide

Another dream boat of mine: Chris Craft! This is a perfect summer stitch, especially for the upcoming 4th of July. 

This canvas is on 18 mesh. The design size is approximately 5" wide by 2.1" tall on a 9" wide by 7" tall canvas. This canvas price (including stitch guide) is $70. 


Christmas Cookies Needle Minder

We created a matching Christmas Cookies needle minder to match our canvas! The size is approximately 1.25" wide by 1.75" tall and available for $15. 


Chill Pill Beads

We're so excited to bring beads to our store! I love beading my needlepoint canvases and these chill pill beads would be perfect for any of our pill canvases: Chill Pill, Pastel Chill Pill, Pill Ziploc, Pill Briefcase, and Rx Bottle! Each set will come with approximately 200 multicolor beads for 

Each bead is a bit shorter than 0.5" long by 0.25" tall. 


Kits that we're launching/restocking:

  • Christmas Cookies Kit (includes canvas, stitch guide, fiber from the stitch guide): $135
  • Chris Craft Kit: (includes canvas, stitch guide, fiber from the stitch guide): $120
  • Goldendoodle Silhouette Kits (All colors): $66
  • Picnic Boat Kit: $112
  • Cabana Boy Clutch Kit: $111
  • American Yacht Ensign Kit: $74
  • Bar Cart Kit: $118
  • Bushel of Crabs Kit: $118 
  • Champagne Bucket Kit: $100
  • Jungle Juice Kit: $95

We will also be restocking our:

  • Gold Bamboo Scissors
  • Ginger Jar Needle Minders
  • Champagne Bucket Canvas

A few more details...

  • Items tend to sell out fast, so we suggest getting on right at 7pm EST to shop!
  • We are unable to ship to PO Boxes.
  • Orders over $150 in the US will ship for free!
  • We do ship internationally, but we suggest our international customers look into or These companies offer cheaper international shipping!
  • We cannot retroactively apply discount codes. 
  • Please allow a little extra time for orders to arrive. 

If you have any extra questions, please don't hesitate to email us at We hope you are excited for this launch! 

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