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Restock & Summer Launch

Restock & Summer Launch

We've been working hard on restocking canvases (along with designing new ones) and we're so excited to show you what we're launching and restocking this week! 

Our launch will be on Tuesday, May 5th, at 7pm EST!

We recommend getting on the site right at 7pm to grab what you want since things tend to sell out quickly. 

A few quick things:

There's currently a canvas and thread shortage, so we have tried to create as many kits and restock as many canvases as possible. Please note that if something sells out, we will restock it! We have another restock coming mid to late May with more canvases.

We are unable to apply discount codes retroactively, so if there's one you want to use please apply it at checkout. Please also double, triple, quadruple check your shipping address to make sure it's correct. We're more than happy to recommend threads for the canvases we are unable to kit! Send us an email with your order number to after checkout and we'll get that over to you.

As always, with every restock we will be working on ways to give back! 

What We're Restocking:

New Canvases We're Launching:

American Lighthouse

This canvas was created for our Americana Collection! It would pair wonderfully with American Sails & American Flag Sweater. It's approximately 3.9"x4.25" and is $58.

Seafood Tower

A canvas to celebrate my favorite food group, seafood! This canvas includes a lobster, king crab legs, shrimp, oysters, a lemon, cocktail sauce, and garnish. Seafood Tower is approximately 3.5"x3.75" and is $58.  

Lobstah Roll

After I designed Oysters on the Half Shell, I knew I wanted to create a seafood collection with some of my favorite foods. I'm so excited for this lobster (lobstah) roll canvas. This will be available as an individual canvas and as a kit! It is approximately 3.5"x2.25" and is $58. 

Rx Bottle 

As I always say "Ain't no shame in your daily medication game"! (Maybe that quote needs to be on my next canvas...?) Rx Bottle is a fun little canvas that you could finish as an ornament or maybe even a clutch for your meds. It is approximately 2"x3.4" and is $55. It will be available as an individual canvas and as a kit.

Kits We're Launching/Restocking:

  • American Sails 
    • We've switched up the thread in this kit to include both the Essentials line and the Pepper Pot Silk. Essentials is a wool & silk blend that is easy to stitch with! The kit will include a canvas, needle, and thread. This kit is $81. 
  • Lobstah Roll Kit
    • This kit will include Petite Very Velvet, Essentials, and Pepper Pot Silk. If you haven't used very velvet yet, this is a great time to try it! It's fun to stitch with as the thread sort of 'blends' together. This kis is $88.
  • Rx Bottle Kit 
    • We tried to go as bold as possible with the colors in the Rx Bottle Kit! This kit will include both Essentials and Pepper Pot Silk. This is a good intermediate canvas as you can practice stitching with 8 colors (but beginners don't shy away, you can still stitch it!). This kit is $93. 

We hope you're excited about what we're launching! If you have any further questions, please email me at We will see you at 7pm EST on May 5th to shop! As always, thank you so much for supporting us. 

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