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Restock Coming Soon

Restock Coming Soon

First off, I just wanted to say thank you so much for supporting Morgan Julia Designs.

It's a hard, scary, and uncertain time for everyone right now. I am so grateful for the needlepoint community because you all provide so much support in tough times. 

I struggled with whether or not I should restock in a time like this. I had this date planned for months before this craziness started. 

I posted on Instagram sharing how I was battling with restocking or not, but so many of you reached out to me asking me to continue to restock. Most said that needlepointing helps their anxiety, and it would help them in a time like this to have something to stitch. 

The whole reason I started to needlepoint was because of my anxiety. I found (and still find) needlepointing to be so relaxing and meditative, with directly helps my anxiety. I will still be restocking this week because I want to be able to provide items that will help you through this tough time.

Because of this timing, I will be donating a portion of my profits to the World Health Organization COVID-19 World Solidarity Fund. This feels like the right thing to do, and I encourage you to donate to an organization that speaks to you if you can. 


Restock Info

The restock will take place on Tuesday, March 24rd at 7pm EST. You may purchase directly though my website. Everything will be live promptly at 7pm.

We will be restocking kits and canvases, as well as releasing 4 new canvases. Kits will come with a canvas, all the thread you need, a needle, and a little bag to hold the thread.

Our restocks tend to sell out pretty quickly, so if there is something you want we recommend getting on right at 7pm!

We encourage you to read our shipping updates & policies on the bottom of this blog post. 



We are adding and restocking the following kits. All of our kits will come with Pepper Pot Silk. We kindly ask that if you are picky about thread that you purchase only the canvas as threads cannot be returned or exchanged. 

Here are the following kits that will be added and restocked:

-Elephant Ornament Kit

-Cabana Boy Wanted 

-Mineral Water

-Oysters on the Half Shell

-American Sails

-Chill Pill

-Ginger Jar



Here are the canvases we will be restocking: 

-Christmas Tree Delivery

-American Sails

-Chill Pill

-Oysters on the Half Shell

-Elephant Ornament

-Cabana Boy Clutch

-Cabana Boy Wanted

-Champagne Bucket

-On Vacay

-Rose & Macarons

-Shady Lady 

-Ginger Jar 

 (We had originally planned to restock Budapest Hotel, but we have a few more to paint. Sorry for the mix-up! That will be included in our next re-stock.)


New Canvases

Here are the new canvases that will be added:

-Picnic Boat: A version of our Christmas Tree Delivery - but without the tree on top!


-Après Ski Club: A patch sized canvas for those who enjoy après ski more than skiing. This makes for a great addition to a ski jacket or sweatshirt. The border is navy and there are gold accents. 


-Jungle Juice: an ornament sized canvas of a cheetah drinking rose. I'm finishing mine as a stand up! 


-Drinking Games: a larger version of Jungle Juice that can be finished as a clutch, pillow, or tray. The cheetahs are drinking champagne.


Shipping Policies:

Due to the amount of canvases in our restock, please allow 1-3 weeks for your canvases to ship. We will be shipping and packaging as fast as possible and hope to get these to you sooner. We do not offer local pick-ups at this time.

If, for any reason, our post offices are shut down or we are asked to shelter-in-place, our shipping policies may change. Please note that while we want to get your items out as fast as possible, we also need to adhere to our local governments rules. If this were to happen, your order will still be valid and we will ship as soon as they re-open. 

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. We cannot update your shipping address after you have purchased, so please make sure your info is correct. 

Lastly, we are unable to retroactively apply discounts to orders after they are purchased. All sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges of any kind.

For more information on our shipping policies, please visit this link.

For more information on our refund policies, please visit this link. 

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