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Mystery Canvas: December 17-December 18th!

Mystery Canvas: December 17-December 18th!

We've decided to bring back our "Mystery Canvas" Listing that we launched last year for 2 days only! 

We wanted to do this as a gift to you all to say thank you for supporting us so much this last year through all of our launches, in person events, and through the internet. 

What is "Mystery Canvas"?

If you're new to Mystery Canvas, here's how it works. We'll have a specific "Mystery Canvas" listing available on our website for for $45 that you can purchase if you are interested. You will not know what canvas you are getting, but it will be an ornament-sized, 18-mesh canvas from the list below. 

Our "Mystery Canvas" Listing will launch at 12:01am EST on Saturday, December 17th and end at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, December 18th (so only available Saturday-Sunday). It will be excluded from any other discounts and deals. You can purchase as many as you would like!

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you already own one or more of the following canvases below, please leave a note during checkout or email us after placing your order so we can send you a canvas that you do not own. If you purchase this listing more than once, we will send you different canvases.
  • You can email us at or reply directly to your order confirmation email
  • There are absolutely NO refunds, returns, or exchanges so please do not purchase this listing if you are concerned that you will not like one of the canvases. 
  • If there is a canvas below that typically has a stitch guide, the stitch guide will not be included in the Mystery Canvas due to the discounted pricing.

What Canvases are Included in "Mystery Canvas" this Year?

You will receive one of the following canvases: 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us before this listing goes live! We hope you are excited about our Mystery Canvas!

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