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Launching The Classic Clutch: Self-Finishing with 3M Adhesive

Launching The Classic Clutch: Self-Finishing with 3M Adhesive

I could not be more thrilled about the latest addition to the Morgan Julia Designs Collection - our Self-Finishing Classic Clutch!!

I don’t know about you all, but I tend to fly through canvases in the winter after the holiday season dies down and my calendar doesn’t feel so crazy. Looks like lots of you have been making your way through your stash too based on all the tagged WIPs and finished products I’ve seen! What I love about this clutch is it’s a great way to manage the cost of needlepointing, which we all know can be an expensive hobby. So if you’re someone who is cranking through canvases this winter, or wanting to dip your toe into self-finishing, I’m hoping this is the perfect product for you! 


Design & Details

I design a lot of 5x7 canvases and I always struggled with how to figure out how to finish that size - until it came to this clutch. This clutch is made of vegan leather with 3M adhesive and it’s incredible quality. The neutral color is perfect for all seasons and, more importantly, will match any canvas you stitch! 

It’s 9" long by 7.25" tall. The base (where it can stand up on its own) has a width of 4 inches, then the bag tapers up. While it will stand up on its own, it also fits perfectly in your arm. This can be used as a clutch, or as a shoulder bag as it includes a d-rings on both sides so you could add a bag strap. It will include a small wristlet strap inside of the bag. The bag has a gold zipper at the top. I want you all to see how I styled the clutch - so here is my latest Tiktok! I also have an Instagram highlight where I answered some of the most common questions & gave some videos of the bag. 

Tips on Self-Finishing

  • Our clutch contains 3M adhesive with a window to finish a 5”x7” needlepoint canvas - some of my favorite sizes to design and stitch!
  • I would recommend stitching 2 extra rows around a 5x7” canvas to make sure the mesh isn’t showing.
  • I created a video showing how to self-finish our Classic Clutch - you can watch it on Instagram! 
  • After you insert your canvas, make sure to seal with the adhesive strips located on the front border panel of the inside of the leather (the video above demonstrates this!) We suggest using some force to do this!

To celebrate this new self-finishing accessory, I’ve also designed 2 new canvases that can be used as inserts! 


Reef Reverie: One of the most fun pieces I’ve stitched in a while by our new artist La Sirena! I love this color palette and how it plays on our nautical brand, with a more tropical twist. 

  • 13 Mesh, 5” x 7” design with corner markings 
  • $90 as a canvas


Swan of a Kind: I’m obsessed with bows and everything pink right now so this canvas was a dream to finish. It’s the perfect piece to take into spring! 

  • 13 Mesh, 5” x 7” design with corner markings 
  • $90 as a canvas


Here are some other MJD Designs that fit into our Classic Clutch:

If you have a canvas that isn't exactly a 5x7 but you want to put it in the clutch, I suggest purchasing Penny Linn's acrylic stencil! 

Here are some other designer canvases I love that fit into our Classic Clutch:

Looking forward to seeing how you stitch and style this clutch!! I’m hoping to add some additional self-finishing products to my line in 2024, so if you have suggestions, send them my way via Instagram DM!


Morgan & Captain 

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