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Launching Captain's Clippers: Our Scissor Line!

Launching Captain's Clippers: Our Scissor Line!

We're dropping anchor with our newest accessory! This is a product that I’ve been very involved with for the past 6 months, so I’m thrilled to share these new “Captain’s Clippers” with you all and hope that you love them as much as I do. 

One of my favorite parts of my job is how involved I get to be in all my products, and while canvases are definitely my comfort zone, the same holds true for my accessories. As I was thinking through areas that I could improve in my collection, I wanted to introduce a more substantial scissor that is a bit higher in quality. Not only was aesthetic important to me, but function as well. I wanted these scissors to really feel good in your hand and be a trusted tool for all your future projects! 


In order to bring this vision to life, I worked with a scissor manufacturer to create a design, prototype, and finished product. Because this project was so much fun, I thought I’d share some photos + a bit more about the steps and process of bringing these “Captain’s Clippers” to life! (P.S. for those of you who are new around here, the name Captain's Clippers is a nod to my Goldendoodle named Captain!)

The Process

April: I contacted the manufacturer to articulate my goal and vision. It was important to me that these scissors reflect our brand so naturally, nautical was the way to go! 

May-June: I went through several design iterations which incorporated the anchor and rope design. What I learned is that there are so many factors to consider: the weight, the spacing of the handles, the size of the scissors, how the design impacts the hinge, etc to name a few. It took several prototypes and testing on my part to get this piece to be something that I thought would feel good in a stitchers hand - while also maintaining a high level of function and detail! 

July-August: Once we had the final design, we created the molds for the scissors. Finally, production could begin!

September: Working through packaging was one of my favorite parts of this process -  these scissors will arrive in a blue branded box, with foam padding inside. 

October: The final prototype arrived at my home in Florida; you can see my excitement opening these in the last picture!

After 6 months being heavily involved in this design and production process, it is so rewarding to see a project become a product! Below are some photos that walk you through the last few months. 


Product Details

We’re launching 3 different types of “Captain's Clippers” which will be available on our website this Thursday, October 26 at 7:00pm EST. 

The scissors will be available in 3 colorways and are shown from left-right above: Gold, Broze with a Silver Tip (to look like a true 'anchor'), and Silver. 

The Gold Scissors will be available for $40, and the Bronze with Silver Tip and Silver Scissors will be available for $35. 


More Details:
  • All scissors are Stainless Steel
    • The Bronze is Plasma Coated, and the Gold is 24 Carat Gold Plated
  • All Scissors are approximately 6" tall by 3.25" wide (when closed)
  • The blade is less than 2" tall, making them TSA approved
  • Each pair weighs approximately 4 oz
  • All of Captain's Clippers are packaged in a branded blue box with foam insert that is molded to the shape of the scissor. 

I hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes look into bringing this product to life! I hope these new scissors will help you elevate your accessories and that you are equally as excited about the quality and design as I am.

Morgan & Captain
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