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Introducing the Self-Finishing Clutch

Introducing the Self-Finishing Clutch

I recently finished my 3/20 canvas for my goal of stitching 20 canvases in 2020! While I love figuring and planning out my finishing, I am SO impatient and get so tired of waiting. I decided to finish this canvas as a clutch - and was so happy to find a self-finishing clutch so I could do so! 

These clutches are now available on my website! When purchased, I will include a piece of 18-count needlepoint mesh so that you can stitch your own design. The cowhide canvas was designed by me and will be available in a few weeks. It's meant to fit directly into the opening, but most any canvas that is around 3"x6" will do. You could even use the free Diet Coke template and just repeat the leopard spots around the sides to make that design fit!


Clutch Details

This clutch is from Planet Earth Fiber. It's solid black and features an opening for a 3"x6" needlepoint canvas & on the other side a zipper envelope style. Inside, there is white and black striped lining, a small compartment for your phone, and 6 card slots. Your needlepoint canvas attaches with adhesive. 



How do you finish it?

If you've watched my video on how to self-finish a jewelry box, you follow the same exact steps. I have linked the video below so you can follow along. The clutch & jewelry box are made by the same company and have the same instructions. It's super easy & not intimidating at all! I promise you can finish it yourself in 30 minutes.


Finishing Instructions:

  1. Expose the sticky surface by gently scoring and lifting the paper. I suggest using an x-acto knife.
  2. Center your canvas and press down from the center to the edges.
  3. Tuck the edges under the leather trim using a blunt flat instrument

Tools (the following are affiliate links):


Which is easier to finish, the jewelry box or the clutch?

Personally, I think the clutch is a lot easier to finish. I even finished it right after happy hour if that means anything to you. The opening is larger & the material is easier to work with. It's really easy to slide your canvas into. Per the video above, you may have seen me struggle a bit to fit the canvas into the opening on the jewelry box, especially around the edges. I hardly had that issue with the clutch, just a tiny bit around the corners. 


If you have any other questions about finishing, feel free to leave them in the comments below! 

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