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Party in the USA

Party in the USA

As we set sale towards the most festive holiday of the summer, I'm excited to share the story behind one of my absolute favorite bar cart canvases: the Fourth of July Bar Cart. This canvas holds a special place in my heart because it celebrates my favorite holiday, the Fourth of July! It's all about fun, laughter and, of course, a little bit of sparkle. 

Why I Love the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a time for joyous and sunny celebrations, with whoever you want to be with (family time not required ;)). It's a holiday that's all about partying and making memories. When designing this canvas, I wanted to capture the essence of a perfect Fourth of July party. You'll notice elements like American beer, jello shots, watermelon, and mylar balloons - all staples of a great Independence Day bash. And let's not forget the bottle of tequila, essential for those jello shots, of course!

Behind the Design

I first sketched the design back in Spring 2022, making it one of the first holidays I added to the collection. I wanted to start with the 'big holidays' - the ones you truly decorate for - so, of course, the Fourth of July was an early addition! Each element in this canvas is unique, offering possibilities for fun techniques and fiber choices - Neon Rays to make the balloons reflective, French knots for the hydrangeas, beads for the sparklers. This canvas is perfect for stitchers who have a few projects under their belt and are ready to experiment with new and different stitches. Plus, there's a stitch guide available to help you along the way.

Fourth of July Memories

Creating this canvas brought back wonderful memories. Moving to Florida felt like the beginning of my adulthood, and my first Fourth of July there was magical. I spent it with new friends, grilling by the pool, and lighting sparklers on our rooftop. We watched fireworks, sipped cocktails out of red solo cups, and enjoyed jello shots - it was a night filled with joy and laughter.

A Special Tradition

One of my favorite traditions is taking a picture of my dog, Captain, with the American flag each year. It's a sweet moment that always makes me smile, and I couldn't resist sharing a sweet baby photo of Captain from an early Fourth of July. You'll also see the same mylar balloons from the canvas design on my actual bar cart in my apartment, bringing the design to life in my own space. 

 Finishing Touches

If you plan to finish this Canvas to fit the Acrylic Square Box, I recommend using a flat-back finish so you can easily switch it out for other designs. And to to add an extra festive touch, pair your finished canvas with a Bomb Pop cocktail - it's the perfect drink to complement your Fourth of July celebrations! I followed this recipe.

I always love seeing how you bring these festive canvases to life! Happy Stitching and have a fabulous Fourth of July!

XO, Morgan & Captain


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