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Christmas Catboat


18-Count Mesh Canvas featuring a Catboat (Small Sailboat) with Christmas Lights strung on the sail. 

The design measures about 3.9" tall and 2.75" wide

Fiber for Kit: Essentials, Petite and Regular Silk Lamé Braid, Beading Thread, Beading Needles, and Sundance Beads. 

The canvas will be shipped within 1-2 weeks. Colors may differ based on computer graphics.

Canvas vs Kit

The "Canvas" is like your road map: it's a painted version of the original needlepoint design that you follow as you stitch your artwork. It doesn't come with any threads or materials - it's just your guide.


The “Kit” includes the canvas plus all the fibers and materials you need to complete the design:

  • The painted canvas
  • All of the fibers needed to stitch the design
  • A needle
  • A bag for fiber storage
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