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Mini Location Launch & Restock!

Mini Location Launch & Restock!

We're excited to announce a small launch & restock this upcoming Thursday, July 28th, at 7pm EST! 

There are SO many great places we've traveled to and want to travel to this summer. We're kicking off our "Location" Series by launching 2 new canvases of places that are near and dear to my heart. Keep reading to see what we're launching & restocking!

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Here's What is New:


I know I say it time and time again - but moving to Florida was really one of my best decisions. I wanted to make a canvas that represented the whimsicality and resort feel of our beautiful state by filling it with my favorite motifs: orange groves, golf, palm trees, flamingoes, gators, and an umbrella and shell. 

You all know I love symmetry so I took the style of our "Seafood Social" canvas but expanded it a bit to make it more dynamic rather than keep just the silhouette of the items. 

Floridays is approximately 11" wide by 8" tall on 13-mesh canvas and it includes corner markings. Floridays will be available as a canvas for $140 or a kit for $208 with Planet Earth Silk. 


Pineapple Fountain

If I didn't live in Florida, I would most definitely live in Charleston, South Carolina. I'm obsessed with the city, culture, food, and scenery. In my eyes, it's the perfect town.

This canvas was inspired by the beautiful fountain in Charleston. I originally created this as an illustration but knew that I needed to put it on canvas. I love the 2 colors: navy and light blue, as well as the movement that this canvas creates!

Pineapple Fountain is approximately 4.25" tall by 4.3" wide on 18 mesh canvas. Pineapple Fountain will be available as a canvas for $80 or a kit for $102 with a mix of Pepper Pot Silk and a Skein of Essentials. 


Here's What We're Restocking:

A few more details...

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  • We cannot retroactively apply discount codes. 
  • Please allow a little extra time for orders to arrive. 

If you have any extra questions, please don't hesitate to email us at We hope you are excited for this launch!

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