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Magnolia Canvas + Needle Minder Launch!

Magnolia Canvas + Needle Minder Launch!

You all have been asking and it's finally here...we're launching our Magnolia Canvas Insert & a NEW needle minder on Friday, March 31st at 12pm Noon EST! 

At our event in Atlanta earlier this month with Krista from Penny Linn Designs, each attendee received a customized Magnolia Canvas, Navy Wicker Bag, and Wicker Bag Needler Minder. The navy bag was exclusive to the event, but the canvases & needle minder are launching tomorrow! 

Krista will also be launching bags on her website at 12pm noon that fit these canvases. They range in price from $95 to $150.

Magnolia Bag Insert (Needlepoint Canvas) 

Magnolia Bag Insert is approximately 4.15" wide by 2.25" tall on 18 mesh with corner markings. It will be available as a canvas for $50. 

We will be offering a 3 letter monogram customization for an extra $15. Please purchase the customization separately. 

The photo below shows how Krista and I stitched our bags. I chose to stitch my flowers in blue and the background in white. Krista chose to stitch her background in navy and her flowers in white. Feel free to get creative with this canvas!



Wicker Bag Needle Minder

The Wicker Bag Needle Minder is approximately 1.5" tall by 1.5" wide. It will be available for $15.

Those are the 2 new items we are dropping on March 31st at 12pm Noon EST!  

Krista from Penny Linn Design will also be dropping bags that fit these inserts on her website at 12pm noon tomorrow. My personal favorite is her square wicker bag that fits our new Lemon Shello Design perfectly! 



 The rectangle bags fit the Magnolia Canvas perfectly!


Please don't hesitate to email us at if you have any questions about this launch. We hope you are as excited as we are! 



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