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Introducing: The Maryland Flagpole Canvas

Introducing: The Maryland Flagpole Canvas

We're very excited to announce our latest canvas: The Maryland Flagpole! This canvas is an exclusive with Hillside Needle Arts in Maryland. It will be launching this Wednesday, July 21st, at 11am on both of our websites.



This design is approximately 4.75" inches tall by 3" wide on 18 mesh. The full size of the canvas is approximately 8.75" inches tall by 7" wide. It will be available as a canvas on our website for $70 and a canvas & kit combo on Hillside Needle Art's Website for $140 (along with an individual kit). Leslie, the sweet owner of Hillside, has already started stitching the canvas (shown below) so you can see what it looks like partially stitched!


What was the inspiration behind this canvas?

    • A lot of my needlepoint canvas designs come from illustrations that I create on my iPad. Fun fact: if you have purchased our Chesapeake Dog Bandana, you may notice that this illustration is on there! 
    • The inspiration for this canvas comes from a few places. I was originally inspired by the flagpole at The Inn at Perry Cabin. Their main flagpole by the water displays these 3 flags: The American Flag, Maryland Flag, and Don't Give Up The Ship Flag. I painted this canvas before a trip there. Every evening around 5pm, the hotel provides a champagne toast to the guests by the flagpole to honor the hotel's past history. I thought this was such a great tradition. 
    • After painting this canvas, I realized that these flags also symbolized a lot about me and my life. While the American Flag meaning is obvious (I grew up and was raised in America), the others are more meaningful. I went to college at University of Maryland, College Park and was raised in Maryland, hence the importance of the Maryland flag. Lastly, I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, less than 2 miles from the Naval Academy. The "Don't Give Up The Ship" Flag came from the War of 1812. The story goes that these were Naval Captain James Lawrence's last words during a battle on his ship the U.S. Chesapeake. The flag is very important to the Naval Academy and has lived on in Maritime History. 

How can we purchase this canvas?

  • Because this is a collaboration between Hillside Needle Art's and MJD, you can purchase at either of our websites! 
  • We will be selling the individual canvas on our website. It will go up right at 11am on Wednesday. 
  • Hillside Needle Art's will be selling kitted versions of this canvas on their website. If you would like to buy this canvas kitted, we suggest purchasing through them! They have 2 kit options available and if you purchase a kit from them, you'll receive your fibers in our signature blue seersucker bags with a MJD sticker! Hillside will also be selling this as an individual canvas.
  • If they sell out on one of our websites, please check the other for availability! We have a limited number of canvases available so we suggest getting on right at 11am to shop. 

What types of fibers are in the kits?

  • Hillside Needle Art's has 2 kit options available that you can choose from.
  • Both kit options are $140 (includes canvas, fiber, seersucker bag, and a sticker). 

  • The first kit option will include Vineyard Silk and Silk Lame Braid (shown directly above).

  • The second kit option will include Neon Rays, Kreinik, Thread Worx, and more (shown directly above)

We hope you are excited about this canvas and collaboration! We think it's important now more than ever to show that wholesale stores and designers can have strong, successful relationships. This has been months in the works and we're really excited to see you stitch these! We may even play around with a flagpole series in the future with other locations! 

This canvas will launch on our website at 11am on Wednesday, 21st and the canvas & kit option will be available on Hillside Needle Arts website! 

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at! 

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