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Introducing MJD x Packed Party Needlepoint Collaboration!

Introducing MJD x Packed Party Needlepoint Collaboration!

We are so excited to announce our first collaboration with you all and boy is it a big one…MJD x Packed Party!!

We are so excited to be launch a needlepoint kit with the legendary brand Packed Party on Monday, February 7th, at 8am EST! Read on to hear more about learn more about Packed Party, how this collaboration came to light, and everything there is to know about the kit!



About the Collaboration

This collaboration means a lot to me because for those of you might know, my very first job out of college was as an in-store merchandiser for Hallmark. I spent my days stocking shelves and working on creating more visually appealing displays (specifically window and front-of-store displays). It wasn’t a very thrilling job by any means, and most of the hours passed by very slowly, but one of my favorite parts of my job was when we received new Packed Party merchandise because I was always assigned to set it up. It was so colorful and fun and I was immediately drawn to the brand - it made those dreary days a little brighter for me.

You can imagine how surprised I was late last year when I received a message from Packed Party asking if we would be open to collaborating to create a Packed Party x MJD Needlepoint Kit and my answer was YES!!! 

About Packed Party

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Packed Party, they are a lifestyle and gifting brand that was founded in 2013 by Jordan Jones in San Francisco. Jordan had a dream about throwing herself a "pity party" and thus, Packed Party was born! Jordan started by selling themed party packages, and now -- based on customer demand and the goal of making every bit of life a PARTY -- the company offers everything from confetti totes & accessories to drinkware, apparel and so much more! Packed Party is now based out of Austin, Texas and focuses on celebrating all life's little milestone - from half birthdays to random Tuesdays...we love it!


Jordan had taken up needlepointing (she loves our Chill Pill Kit) and wanted to create a kit that we could launch in time for Valentines Day for Party girls. We hopped on a phone call with the Packed Party team and quickly got the ball rolling with designs. Several months later, we’re launching!


About Morgan Julia Designs

If you’re new to MJD from Packed Party, welcome! My name is Morgan Julia and I started MJD in 2019 while looking for nautical and preppy needlepoint canvases to stitch for myself. I was living in Annapolis, Maryland, fresh out of college, and needlepointing in my free time as a stress-reliever from my 2-hour plus daily DC work commute.
One weekend, while looking for my next project to stitch, I decided to play around and paint some of my own artwork on canvas and used #needlepoint and posted it to my art Instagram (just for fun!). It immediately went viral and I had people asking where they could buy it. I put up a website that weekend, made my first sale, and never looked back.
About 6 months later, I was able to quit my day job and take MJD full time. About a year later, I brought my little sister Brooklynn onto the MJD Team. In Spring of 2021, I moved down to St. Petersburg, FL where we now run MJD together! 
Now that you’re prepped on both MJD & PP, let’s get to the kit!


What's Included in the Kit?

The Packed Party x Morgan Julia Designs Party Animal Beginners Kit will be available for $85 and it comes with: The Party Animal Needlepoint Canvas, a needlepoint needle, a Needle Threader, a Packed Party Essentials Everything Pouch, and all of the thread you need to stitch your project!
The canvas is approximately 4.5” inches by 4.5” on 13 mesh. 
The thread consists of: 3 skeins of Planet Earth Silk (1 skein of Cloud, 1 skein of Tart, and 1 skein of Romance) and 1 card of Fyre Werks Vintage Gold by Rainbow Gallery.


Who Was this Kit Made for?

This kit was made for stitchers of all levels! It’s perfect for beginners, intermediates, and advanced!
At $85, it’s the perfect price point for those who may be a bit nervous to start stitching. The design is easy enough for someone with no stitching experience to follow, yet fun enough for someone with years of stitching experience to complete!


When Does the Kit Launch?

The kit launches on February 7th at 8am EST/7am CST! It will be available on both and so you can grab it on either one of our websites!


If I’m New to Stitching, How Do I Start?

If you’re brand new to stitching, don’t sweat! We’ll walk you through exactly how to get started and complete this kit.
First, we recommend unpacking your kit to get familiar with everything inside of it.

Here are some basic steps that you will need to learn to get started:


What Color Do I Start Stitching With?

Typically in needlepoint, stitchers recommend stitching from lightest to darkest hue. For this kit, we recommend starting with the Planet Earth Silk White (Cloud) thread first and stitch all of the white areas with the continental stitch shown above. You will be stitching on a row like the video shows, starting in the top right corner, stitching to the left corner, then going down to the next row and stitching left to right. You will skip over the gold dot areas and stitch around the pink words. 
Once all of the white is stitched, we recommend stitching all of the light pink words with the Planet Earth Light Pink (Tart) next. Once that is complete, go ahead to move on to the dark pink (Planet Earth Romance) by stitching the outer border and then the words. Finally, you will finish with the Gold Fyre Werks Thread. 

When I’m Done Stitching, What Do I Do With It?

When you’re finished with your canvas, you have tons of different options! 
The fun thing about needlepoint is that you can turn your project into anything from an ornament to an acrylic tray to a frame to a clutch - the options are endless. This process is called “Finishing”, when you have your stitched canvas turned into a different object. More information about finishing can be found on this blog post. 
If you would like your canvas professionally finished by us, you can purchase finishing on our website on this link! 

We offer:


You also could get it professionally framed by Framebridge.  

I LOVE Framebridge and work with them often. I am part of their referral program so you can get 15% off if you frame through this link. I do get a small kickback that I can use towards my next framing.

Here is what you need to do before you send your frame to them:

  • Select “Textile” in the art selection section
  • Under “Dimensions” – put only the dimensions of the area you want framed. If your canvas is 8.5”x8.5” but your stitched area is only 6”x6”, put 4.5”x4.5” in the dimensions.
  • Ask them to cover up the canvas area that you don’t want shown with a mat.


If you're looking to try to finish your canvas by yourself, here is a great tutorial on how to finish your canvas as an ornament! 



We Hope You're Excited!

We hope you all are as excited about this collaboration and kit as we are! As a reminder, it launches on both and on February 7th at 8am EST/7am CT. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any other questions about this or while you’re stitching your kit!

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