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Beach Day & Pool Day Launch!

Beach Day & Pool Day Launch!

We're so excited to launch 3 new canvases, a new needle minder design, and restock some canvases & accessories this Wednesday, March 31st, at 7pm EST!

And surprise...MJD has relocated to Florida! All orders from here on out will be shipped from the sunny state. We're so excited for this move because it means Brooklynn (who is my sister & also works for me) and I can be closer, which means we'll be able to continue working on expanding MJD without having to work from 1,000 miles away. 

I chose not to launch a resort collection this year just because of everything going on in the world. However, I did want to create a pair of canvases to launch around spring that celebrated summer and being by the water.

Here's a look at the 3 new canvases and 1 needle minder that we are launching tomorrow:

Beach Day & Pool Day Set

These 2 canvases will be available as a set for $130! They are 18 mesh, 4" rounds. I designed them to be finished as a double-sided ornament that would hang from a beach bag, that way you could flip the ornament around whether you are at the beach or the pool! But of course, please don't feel limited to this finishing idea - you're more than welcome to finish them however you'd like!

Because this is available as a set, we are unable to separate them and sell them individually. If you're only interested in 1, I suggest purchasing the set with a friend and splitting them up (or gifting the other!)

Nauti Stocking

I've always wanted to stitch & create a needlepoint stocking. This one was inspired by fair isle designs but with a nautical twist. This canvas will be avaiable for $210. It is on 13 mesh and approximately 11" wide by 16.25" tall (measured from the widest and tallest point).

I know it may sound silly to launch a Christmas canvas right now, but stockings can take awhile to stitch so no time like the present to start! I'm also working on creating a lobster claw shaped tag that you could attach to the side of the stocking if you'd prefer to personalize a tag instead of the top of the canvas. Some people chose to personalize a tag off the side instead because that way the main stocking can be passed down throughout generations - all they would need to do is stitch another tag with the new recipient's name (but that's a lot easier than stitching a whole new stocking!) 

Oysters on the Half Shell Needle Minders

Our latest needle minder design is here! This was modeled after our Oysters on the Half Shell canvas. This will be available for $15 and it is approximately a 1.5" round with a 1" strong magnet on the back. 


Canvases & Accessories that we are restocking:

We are not restocking any kits during this launch, but we will work on restocking some for our next launch! 

All of these canvases & accessories will launch/restock right at 7pm EST tomorrow - no password needed.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at! 

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