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Bar Cart Club FAQ

Bar Cart Club FAQ

Watching the love and creativity that you all have brought to the MJD Bar Cart canvases has been an absolute JOY, which is why I’m so excited to celebrate our latest product launch - here are all the details around the Bar Cart Club, launching in just a few short days on Friday, March 1st, at noon EST!

The Bar Cart Club is a brand new, quarterly subscription offering, featuring our most-loved series, the Bar Cart collection. With a spotlight on never-before-seen seasonal canvases, subscribers will receive 4 surprise Bar Cart Canvas kits, once per quarter. I’ve designed these exclusive canvases with the Morgan Julia stitcher in mind, and in celebration of each season throughout the year!

Why should I sign up for the Bar Cart Club?

I’ve designed 4 completely brand new Bar Cart Canvases that will only be available to those who join the Bar Cart Club. There is limited inventory of this brand new offering, so along with receiving collectable, exclusive MJD canvases, you’ll also be joining a small community of stitchers to share the stitching journey with.

What’s included?

I’ve curated each kit with the entire stitcher’s journey in mind. In each kit, you will receive:

  • 1 new and exclusive Bar Cart Canvas (18 Mesh, 4.5” square)
  • Specially selected fibers
  • 1 Specialty Stash/Project bag 
  • 1 Needle Minder
  • 1 Non-Needlepoint Accessory
  • 1 Needlepoint Accessory
  • A digital Stitch Guide

Each item will reflect the theme of the box and complement the canvas. The average retail value of each kit is $250+.

What’s the cost?

You will have 2 options when it comes to pricing:

Annual Subscription - one-time payment of $700

This brings the cost of each kit to $175. You will be charged once, right when you sign up for the Club. With this option, you’re saving $20 per box  when compared with the quarterly payment option, and over 40% compared to retail value!

Quarterly Subscription - quarterly payments of $195

When paying by quarter, you will be charged the first payment at sign up, then once every three months, for each of the remaining three kits throughout the year. With this option, we keep your card on file, allowing us to bill you quarterly.

For the quarterly box payment, you will be charged in 3 month intervals:

  • For example, if you purchase your first box on March 1st, you will be charged for your second box on June 1st, third box on September 1st, and fourth box on December 1st. 
  • If you purchase your first box on March 2nd, you will be charged for your first box on March 2nd, you will be charged for your second box on June 2nd, third box on September 2nd, and fourth box on December 2nd. 

I’ve put a lot of thought into the pricing to make this a unique experience, while also feasible. The retail value of each kit is $250+, so even with the quarterly subscription, you’re still receiving a 20% discount. For context, our Bar Cart Kits sell for $115-$146, and do not feature the accessories we’re curating especially for the Bar Cart Club kits.

When can I sign up?

Friday, March 1st at 12:00 p.m. EST! Sign-ups will be open until March 14th, or until it sells out, whichever comes first. To sign up, purchase the “Bar Cart Club Subscription” that will be listed on the MJD website, and choose your preferred payment option.

Based on early feedback, we expect the Club to fill up quickly, so mark your calendars and set a reminder!

Can I sign up for the Bar Cart Club without opting to ‘kit’ each canvas?

At this time, we are not able to offer different bundling options based on the size of our team and the way we’ve valued each kit to bring you exclusive offerings at the fairest price. All kits will come with fiber I’ve thoughtfully matched from an array of fiber lines. Think of this as a true, ‘ready-to-stitch’ product. Just like the bar cart in your living room, it has everything you need!

Will I know what canvas design is in each box ahead of time? What if I don’t like it?

We love surprises, so we’ve decided to keep each box a surprise! I have kept our customers’ suggestions and feedback top of mind while designing these exclusive canvases, so I’m confident that if you love MJD, you will love all of them! Every design and product is something that I love personally, and I look forward to stitching right along with you.

In the extremely unlikely case that you don’t like the canvas, consider gifting it to a friend, destashing it in one of the many online communities or simply stitching it as a gift for someone you know will love it.

Is there a way to cancel my subscription?

By opting for the annual, one-time payment option, you forgo the ability to cancel your subscription since you’re paying for all kits at once, at a discounted per-kit rate. 

If you opt for the quarterly payment, you are able to cancel, however you cannot rejoin once you cancel. To cancel, you’ll use our subscription platform (which will be available to you once you make your first payment) and must cancel before the dates listed below. 

Quarterly Box Cancellation Windows:

  • Based on our order cancellation policy, you have 24 hours to cancel your 1st box, since you are charged right when you sign up.
  • For Box 2 (July 2024), you can cancel your subscription by emailing us, or doing so through your subscription account by May 31, 2024
  • For Box 3 (October 2024), you can cancel your subscription by emailing us, or doing so through your subscription account by August 31, 2024
  • For Box 4 (January 2025), you can cancel your subscription by emailing us, or doing so through your subscription account by November 30, 2024

Can I purchase previous Bar Cart Club canvases?

Our Bar Cart Club designs and accessories are exclusive to club members and at this time will not be available for purchase outside of the subscription offering. 

When will I receive each box?

Your box is estimated to be delivered during the first week of every month. 

  • Box 1: April 1st
  • Box 2: July 1st
  • Box 3: October 1st
  • Box 4: January 1st

I have a couple other questions - where can I ask or learn more?

I have enjoyed chatting with y’all through our Bar Cart Club Q&A on Instagram where we’ve covered all of these details and more! As always, please feel free to email me at with any other questions you have.

We are so excited to take you on this journey with us! Cheers from our Bar Cart to yours, and happy stitching!

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