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So Long Sweet Summertime Launch!

So Long Sweet Summertime Launch!

We're excited to announce a small launch this upcoming Thursday, November 10th, at 7pm EST! 

This launch is a final farewell to Summer & is centered around everything "sweet" that I love: whether that be favorite birthday desserts, cocktails that hold a special place in my heart (keep reading for a cute story), and/or canvases that remind me of summer beach vacations with those that you love (or books that transport you to idyllic locations).

We're adding 2 new canvases to our food & drink collection and 1 new to our Location Series. Keep reading to see what we're launching & restocking!

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Here's What is New:


Frozen Mudslide

As you know - I love cocktails (hence our ever-growing collection). I haven't dove into designing any frozen cocktails yet, so I thought I would start with a frozen cocktail that was near & dear to my heart: The Mudslide. This spring/summer, I started dating again. There was someone that I really liked, and after a few dates, things were going well/progressing. For one of our earlier dates over a holiday weekend, he planned a beach bar crawl for us (which was such a fun date - I highly recommend). We had the best day walking up & down the beach, drinking mudslides, listening to live bands, and ending the day watching the sunset. I think after that day, we were pretty much sold on each other - and that next week, my mudslide canvas was created :) 

And if Mudslides aren't for you - this canvas could also be easily stitched as a chocolate milkshake!

Mudslide is approximately 4.5" tall by 1.75" wide on 18-mesh canvas. It will be available as a canvas for $60 or a kit for $98 with Pepper Pot Silk, Silk Lame Braid, Petite Very Velvet, 1 Card of Essentials, & Cut up Skeins of Essentials. 


Ice Cream Cake

If you're anything like me, you'll take an ice cream cake over a regular cake on any occasion. I ALWAYS get one for my birthday, MJD's birthday, and any other fun party or celebration that we have. It's been my favorite for as long as I can remember. 

Back in April for my birthday, I had painted this and posted it on Instagram. So many of you asked where you could get it - so I finally put it into production! It took me awhile to play with the detail and perfect the colors, but I'm thrilled with how it turned out. 

Ice Cream Cake is approximately 2.5" tall by 3.3" wide on 18-mesh canvas. It will be available as a canvas for $70 or a kit for $100 with Petite Very Velvet, a Cut up Skein of Pepper Pot Silk, and Cut up Skeins of Essentials. 


On-Island Outings

On-Island Outings was inspired by New England Summers. I created it after I designed Floridays because I wanted a version for those who live up North. This canvas makes me feel like an Elin Hilderbrand Novel came to life - I'm thrilled with the colors, symmetry, and movement. These large 13 mesh series actually have been some of my favorite to stitch (and I think this would look amazing finished as a bag with our Bamboo Handles). 

The arch at the top of the canvas is meant to be a quarterboard sign - and we're happy to customize it with a name for an extra $10 (just email us after you order!)

On-Island Outings is approximately 8" tall by 11.15" wide with corner markings on 13-mesh canvas. It will be available as a canvas for $140 or a kit for $215 with Planet Earth Silk.


A few more details...

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  • We are unable to ship to PO Boxes.
  • Orders over $200 in the US will ship for free! We have had to update this due to increasing shipping costs; thank you for understanding. 
  • We do ship internationally, but we suggest our international customers look into or These companies offer cheaper international shipping!
  • We cannot retroactively apply discount codes. 
  • Please allow a little extra time for orders to arrive. 

If you have any extra questions, please don't hesitate to email us at We hope you are excited for this launch!

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