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18 Days of Deals

18 Days of Deals

Because of all of your support you have shown us over the last year, we're announcing 18 Days of Deals!

Every day starting at 9am tomorrow, we will offer 25% off a different canvas/accessories every day for 18 days! Each deal will only be available for 1 day and expires at midnight (9am-midnight). The deal will already be applied to each product, so no need to enter any discount code during checkout!

We want some of these deals to be a surprise for you all, so we've decided to share with you the first 5 days of deals so you get a feel for it. 

Monday, December 7th

  • At 7pm EST, we are launching a Mystery Canvas listing!
    • A mystery canvas is where we send you one random canvas from the provided list below. All canvases are ornament-sized and on 18-mesh canvas. These canvases are all perfectly painted (not studio sale canvases). 
    • The canvas will be one of the following designs: American Flag Sweater, American Lighthouse, American Yacht Ensign, Bag of Pills, Bushel of Crabs, Champagne Bucket, Clambake Steamer Pot, Elephant Ornament, G-Wagon, Happy as a Clam, Jungle Juice, Lobster Boat, Oyster & Pearl, Oysters & Champagne, Pill Briefcase, Rose & Macarons, Tin of Anchovies, Wooden Boat, or 90s Cup
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you already own one or more of the following canvases above, please leave a note during checkout or email us after placing your order so we can send you a canvas that you do not own. If you purchase this listing more than once, we will send you different canvases.
    • There are absolutely NO refunds, returns, or exchanges so please do not purchase this listing if you are concerned that you will not like one of the canvases. 

Tuesday, December 7th

  • On Tuesday, we're offering 25% off our Charcuterie Board Canvas!

Wednesday, December 8th

  • On Wednesday, we're offing 25% off our Catboat and Christmas Catboat Canvases!

Thursday, December 9th

  • On Thursday, we are launching a Studio Sale at 9am! We will also be restocking our Grand Budapest Hotel Needle Threaders.

Friday, December 10th

  • On Friday, we will be offering 25% off all of our in-stock accessories. 

Friday is our last day for guaranteed domestic Christmas delivery. The rest of the deals will run through December 23rd, and we will announce each deal in the morning on our Instagram Story! 


Bundling Information:

If you would like to participate in many days of the deals, please let us know at checkout or after purchasing. We will try to bundle as many items together as we can if you ask us to ship together. We will do this in 2 dates: Anything purchased from December 7-December 10th will go out in one shipment so it meets our Christmas shipping deadline, anything purchased after (December 11-23rd) will be mailed in January of 2021. So please know if you purchase anything after December 10th and want it bundled with other items, it will not arrive until after the new year! 

*If you do not ask us to bundle your items, we will continue to ship during the week of December 13-17th, but please note it will not be guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message us or email us! Thank you again for all of the love and support you have given us over the last year - it truly means the world to us! Xo, Morgan Julia, Brookylnn, and Captain

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