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My Favorite 5 Canvases from 5 Years of MJD

My Favorite 5 Canvases from 5 Years of MJD


As we celebrate 5 years of MJD, I can't help but reflect on the journey and the wonderful community of stitchers who have brought my designs to life. Here are my top five favorite canvases that hold a special place in my heart!


Charcuterie Board | Charcuterie Board Needle Minder

One of my first intricately designed canvases, the Charcuterie Board, will always stand out to me. I will always remember it as a turning point in my designing journey, where I had developed an eye for translating details from a sketch to canvas. @StitchingAlongWithSarah truly brought this canvas to another level with her gorgeous beading and picnic blanket plaid background. Every time I see a new take on this piece, it reminds me of the endless possibilities in needlepoint!


Chill Pill | Happy Pill | Sleepy Pill | Pastel Chill Pill | Acrylic Oval Tray | Acrylic Over Box

The Pills Collection holds a unique significance, especially because it gained popularity during the pandemic. It became a symbol of connection and resilience, while we attempted to connect with each other in meaningful ways online. Mental health is incredibly important to me, and I'm proud to advocate for it through my designs. Seeing this collection resonate with so many of you has been truly amazing.


On-Island Outings | Floridays | La Plage Lighthouse Acrylic Needle Threader

As a lover of large projects, 13-mesh and symmetry, these two are are my favorite summer projects. These canvases are a celebration of vibrant, sunny days and I've loved seeing them finished in so many creative ways - purses, clutches, pillows, tray, and more!


There's nothing that makes me happier than being on a boat, and the No Wake Zone Buoy canvas captures that feeling perfectly. I could see it finished as a keychain or on a boat bag, adding a touch of nautical charm to your boat day essentials.

No Wake Zone Buoy | Captain's Clippers Scissors


Spicy Margarita | Stitch Guide for Spicy Margarita Canvas

The Spicy Margarita canvas is one of the first designs in our cocktail collection, and it has remained a favorite ever since. This fun, lively canvas brings a bit of happy hour into your stitching time. I particularly love seeing how stitchers create the textured tajin rim! 


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