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Charts for Charity 2023!

Charts for Charity 2023!

We’re thrilled to be kicking off the Holiday Season with our annual Charts for Charity 2023 canvas! Charts for Charity began in 2020 as a way to bring established artists and emerging creatives together for a great cause. Several artists are launching winter themed charts which will be available for purchase on December 1, with the proceeds going back to their charity of choice. It’s such a wonderful way to continue to connect as a community while giving back and staying grounded in what the holiday season is all about. Plus- we’re hoping this will give a few of you an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try charting for the first time! 

Interested in giving it a go?! Here are a few points to keep in mind as you prepare to stitch from a chart. 

  • A chart is a PDF pattern that shows you where to place each stitch on your blank canvas, either with paint or thread! It might sound intimidating, but we promise, we’ve designed these charts to be easy and FUN! 
  • You’ll need a blank canvas for this - your LNS is a great place to pick this up or via KC Needlepoint’s website!
  • I love digging through my fiber stash for these projects because they allow for a bit more creativity - pick up some fresh threads or use what you’ve got from your 2023 projects! 
  • If you need a visual, take a look at this video on how to stitch from a chart. 

The MJD 2023 Chart for Charity Design “Boot Skatin’” was inspired by two of my favorite things: western wear, and the NHL (fun fact, I played ice hockey for 7 years). I saw this photo from the Heritage Classic and thought it was so creative how cowboy boots had been turned into skate. My chart is a classic cowboy boot with an ice skating blade, but you can stitch as a plain cowboy boot if you’d prefer. I charted this on 13 mesh as 3.6” tall by 3.2” wide. 

Our chart is available for purchase at $15, with all proceeds going directly to EQUUS Foundation, a national charity dedicated to protecting the welfare of America’s horses. 

We have so many other incredible designers releasing charts for #ChartsforCharity2023, check out a few linked below! 

For the month of December, we decided to bring back our 2022 design: Lift Ticket as well as our 2021 Design: Shot Ski. If you’re looking for more, make sure to browse #ChartsforCharity2023 on Instagram to see everyone else participating. 


Morgan & Captain

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