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How to Self-Finish a Needlepoint Jewelry Box

How to Self-Finish a Needlepoint Jewelry Box

If you've ever wanted to learn how to self-finish a needlepoint canvas, this one is for you! 

I recently finished stitching my Conch Shell Canvas. For the background, I used Dinky Dyes Coral Sea with a Bargello Stitch from the book "Stitches to Go".

I decided to finish it in a Planet Earth Fiber self-finishing jewelry box. While it may seem daunting to finish your own canvas, it's actually easy! There is absolutely no stitching involved. All you need is a few tools and some patience. 

If you're interested in making one yourself, I sell the self-finishing jewelry boxes and include a small piece of canvas so you can stitch your own design. I recently created a blog post with a free 3x3 stitch chart so you can make your own! 

Here is the full video without any cuts so you can see exactly how I finished my case. This process also works for the self-finishing clutches! 


Below are the tools I used as well as some extra tips & tricks. 

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Tips & Tricks: 

  • Work your fingers underneath the leather trim before finishing. This will make it easier to slide your canvas under.
  • Stitch 1-2 rows around a 3"x3" canvas as an added border.
  • When finishing, start by centering your canvas and pressing down on the center. Then, move to the sides and tuck the sides underneath the trim. Lastly, tuck under the corners with the cricut spatula.
  • Don't use any sharp tools to finish your jewelry box because you don't want to scratch or damage your canvas or the leather. 

Feel free to save the image below to Pinterest so you can always refer back to it!

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