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Maine Sketchbook Pages

Maine Sketchbook Pages

Every once in awhile, I love to give you all a peek inside of my sketchbook/photos of my travels. Sometimes it contains sneak peeks of canvases that are coming out in the future, and sometimes it's just a cool way to get a 'look behind the curtain'.

I think one of the most intimate things to an artist is sharing their sketchbook - so I hope you enjoy these pages of photos and sketches from my first trip to Maine this Summer (and spoiler alert: I LOVED it). 

I slept in a boathouse right on a lake, stitched our Daybreak on the Lake canvas, attempted to waterski for the first time, marveled at beautiful sunsets, indulged on blueberry pancakes & bacon & lobster, actually enjoyed being cold at night, and was actually placid at the fact that my phone didn't have any service.

I never knew that owning a lake house on Maine would be on my bucket list, but it is now. Unfortunately I didn't see any Moose (but I did see plenty of Moose Crossing signs) - there's always next year. 

As a little bonus, I included my 5 favorite songs right now that I had on repeat while traveling to Maine & creating these sketchbook pages. I hope you enjoy!

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