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Canned Hard Mineral Water

$122.00 $105.00

18-Count Mesh Canvas featuring a sweater with a Can of Hard Mineral Water/Seltzer. Canvas Designed by Katy Aspinwall. 

The design measures about 2" wide and 4.85" tall. 

Fiber for Kit: A Mix of Silk Lame Braid, Essentials, and half skeins of Pepper Pot Silk. Please note that due to a cardboard/paper shortage, some of the Silk Lame Braid fibers in this kit may be placed on cards that say "Glow in the Dark". However, the fiber itself is not Glow in the Dark, the fiber company just ran out of their regular cards due to the shortage. Thank you for understanding! 

Canvases do not come stitched or knitted. Thread is not included.

The canvas will be shipped within 1-2 weeks. 

Colors may differ based on computer graphics. The color of this canvas has more of an orange hue on the sweater.