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Thread Recommendations & Stores Shipping Thread

Thread Recommendations & Stores Shipping Thread

Thank you all so much for your support during our last restock! If you missed something, rest assured that everything will be restocked. We're working as hard and fast as possible to get these orders out to you; and we'll work as hard and fast as possible to restock. I wish I had time to respond to all of your DMs and emails about thread recommendations - but there are so many - so I figured I would put them here for everyone to see.

I'm including thread recommendations for my latest canvases. Please keep in mind, I have not been able to go to an LNS to pull threads in person for these canvases since they are closed. I have done my best to match colors on the color cards I have with me as well as photos online. Some color discrepancies may occur. 

I am only able to recommend Pepper Pot Silk and Rainbow Gallery threads at the moment. If you have an LNS, I would suggest taking a photo of your canvas in natural light and emailing it to them (if they still have an employee working). You could also physically mail in your canvas and ask them to pull threads. I'm sure they'd be happy to help and could try to match based on threads you enjoy working with! I'll also be listing some stores at the bottom that are still shipping threads.


Jungle Juice Thread: 

Pepper Pot Silk

  • Nectar 030 or Tangerine 031 (Tangerine is much more bright orange - nectar is more muted)
  • Honey 141
  • Pepper 001
  • Mushroom 009 (or pull gray from your stash if you have leftover)
  • You will also need a color to fill in between the tail and body. This can be your choice! 

Rainbow Gallery

  • 24 Karats K16 Copper (for the rosé glass)


Drinking Games Thread:

Pepper Pot Silk

  • Salt 002 (for the background, although you could do any color!)
  • Pepper 001
  • Caviar 006
  • Clementine 032
  • Mushroom 009
  • Honey 141

Rainbow Gallery (options for gold)

  • 24 Karats K02 Pale Gold
  • or Silk Lame Braid SL61 Sand Gold
  • or Silk Lame Braid SL94 True Gold


Après Ski Club Thread:

Pepper Pot Silk

  • Navy 145
  • Salt 002
  • Powerade 102 (for a bright background) or Still Water 167 but it's muted and a darker hue
  • Snorkel 113 or Commodore 204

Rainbow Gallery

  • Silk Lame Braid SL61 Sand Gold
  • or Silk Lame Braid SL94 True Gold


Picnic Boat 

Pepper Pot Silk

  • Cream 003
  • Navy 145
  • Chestnut 051
  • Drift 201
  • Yacht Club 203

You will need a small amount of the following: blue & red in the flag, light brown on the roof. Since this is such a small amount, we recommend pulling from your stash or using a cotton floss like DMC. 


Stores Still Shipping Thread


I suggest reaching out to your LNS to see if they are still able to ship threads. Most, if not all, stores are closed to foot traffic but some still have 1-2 people working. If your shop is open for shipping threads, please leave a comment on this blog! 

Here is a good list of stores that are still open to ship thread:

  • KC Needlepoint
  • Village Needlepoint
  • Enriched Stitch in Wilton CT
  • Needle Nook of Mystic in CT
  • House of Needlepoint in Darien
  • STL Needlepoint
  • Aristeia
  • Labors of Love Atlanta
  • Stitch-Stash
  • The Picket Fence Barrington RI
  • The Needle Bug
  • Absolutely Needlepoint in Miami
  • The Nimble Needle in Atlanta
  • Canvasback in Northfield, IL
  • Rittenhouse Needlepoint
  • The Eye of the Needle


If there is a canvas you still need thread recommendations for, please email This is a new email! 

Please include both your order number and canvases you would like recommendations for. We need this info to best help you. 

If you have sent an email or DM in the past about thread recommendations, please re-send them to this new email so we can get to all of them!

We will respond as soon as we can, but please be patient as we are both working on fulfilling orders most of the day. Thank you for your patience and support!! 

Comments on this post (4)

  • May 14, 2020

    Hingham Square Needlepoint has been doing curbside, mail and delivery – working to keep every customer supplied with all the canvases, threads and accessories they need and of course some they don’t because we all love adding to our stash. 781-836-5200

    — Joan Barrett

  • Apr 24, 2020

    The Stitching Studio is shipping threads! 804-269-0355. We pulled threads for the cheetahs and the sailboat just last week! We carry Planet Earth, Rainbow Gallery, Vineyard (Silk and wool), silk & ivory, and DMC.

    — Jennifer Joss

  • Apr 02, 2020

    The Bristly Thistle on Amelia Island is still ordering and shipping threads.

    Michele Herron, owner

    — Michele Herron

  • Mar 28, 2020

    My needlepoint store in STL is still shipping threads and is really good with picking colors. Megan Holmes is the owner of The Needlepoint Clubhouse. Phone is (314)432-2555. Email is “
    Happy stitching!

    — Janis Forsen

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