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My Favorite Needlepoint Project Bags

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My Favorite Needlepoint Project Bags
I've seen this question over and over: "What is the best bag for needlepoint projects?". I'm here to spill my favorite brand: Stoney Clover Lane.

Side note: this is NOT in any way sponsored. I've bought all their products myself & honestly love every single one of them.)

Stoney Clover Lane is an accessories brand started by two sisters: Libby and Kendall. I've followed them on Instagram for awhile and recently they've blown up! They're most known for their bags, pouches, and patches.

They have two stores: one in Palm Beach and one in the Hamptons. What I love most is that the company was started by two smart young women. I own plenty Stoney Clover and can say it's very high quality. 

Here's why I love it:
  • Their bags are perfect for travel and are easy to throw in a larger bag.
  • You can customize your bag with their adorable patches
  • High-quality materials.
  • Perfect for needlepoint - and every day.
  • Clear bags and pouches help you see which project is in which bag. 
  • Easy to clean, yet protective. 

Side note: Their bags are better sized for smaller projects and carrying needlepoint tools & accessories. 

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Need I say more? One of my favorite things about Stoney Clover is that their bags and pouches are versatile. It can store a needlepoint project, but when you're finished you can use it as a clutch or a pouch for storage. They're cute enough to be worn out instead of just being hidden in a bag. Most of their items can be customized. If you like to travel lightly - pack a needlepoint project into a pouch and then use the pouch as a clutch at night!

Here's what I own:

So, which is the best for needlepoint projects? Personally, I think that any of their clear pouches are best for needlepoint because you can easily see your needlepoint canvas and thread. However, I like to have some that are not clear in case I'm working on a project with "bad words" or something I want to keep secret. 

Best Pouches and Bags for Needlepoint Projects:
Any Stoney Clover Lane product makes for a perfect gift for bridesmaids, family members, friends, or fellow needlepoint addicts. Just think how CUTE a pouch would be with patches that spell out "NDLPT"! I'm also tempted to stitch an ornament and have it sewn onto one of their woven clutches because I love them so much. If you're stuck at what to order, their Instagram has so much great inspiration.

More Stoney Clover Lane that I love:
Lol, I think I've said enough about them now to have you convinced! If I missed something or you have any other questions, feel free to message me on Instagram or email me at If you have a Stoney Clover Lane product, let me know in the comments below!

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