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Introducing the Morgan Julia Designs Resort Collection

Introducing the Morgan Julia Designs Resort Collection

I'm so excited to announce the Morgan Julia Designs Resort Collection! Every winter, I will be releasing canvases that are meant to transform you to someplace a little more tropical and warmer than the cold winter. You can stitch them anywhere: from inside a snowy mountain vacation by the fire to a tropical getaway on the beach. By the time you stitch & finish these in the winter, they should be completed for you to enjoy in the summer! We will release 5-10 new canvases every January for our resort collection. 

For our first MJD Resort Collection, we are launching 8 canvases. Below are pictures and more details. These will be launching on Friday, January 10th at 10am EST.

Shady Lady

Pink & Green Bamboo Design that reads "Shady" on 18 count mesh. 

Suggested finishing: Sunglass Case 


Rose & Macarons

A Rose & Pink Macaron Design on 18 mesh canvas. This canvas has room for customization like a monogram on the bottle. I encourage you to get creative with your stitches & thread - maybe even try some french knots for the 'feet' of the macarons. 

Suggested finishing: ornament, framed, wall hanging or door sign for Valentine's Day


Champagne Dreams

Champagne Dreams

A pink striped sleep mask with the words "Champagne Dreams" in gold on a 13 mesh canvas. This is a quick stitch & a great project for beginners.

Suggested Finishing: Sleep Mask 


Champagne Please

A champagne bottle & bucket design on 18 mesh canvas. I recommend getting creative and using several different types of thread!

Suggested finishing: Ornament, patch, acrylic tray for cocktail napkins, on a 5x5 acrylic box to store special Champagne corks 


Cabana Boy Wanted

 Yellow Striped Design that reads "Cabana Boy Wanted" on 18 mesh canvas.

Suggested finishing: Large ornament, door hanging, wall hanging, framed piece, or a sign by your pool


Cabana Boy Clutch

Yellow striped design that features the words "Where is my Cabana Boy?" on 13 count mesh. This is a slightly larger take on our "Cabana Boy Wanted" design

Suggested finishing: a clutch, larger door hanging, framed piece


On Vacay

Teal, white, and pink design that reads "On Vacay" on 13 count mesh. Bring out your inner Barbie. 

Suggested finishing: A clutch 


Out of Office

A green and white canvas featuring palm trees and the words "Out of Office" in coral. This canvas is on 13 count mesh. Use a fun thread & stitches to make the palm trees pop.

Suggested finishing: A clutch

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